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When Do You Fly?

Our flights are scheduled for the early morning and early evening, seven days a week from March – October.
During October we fly once a day due to the limited daylight hours.
Some regional variations do apply, so be sure to check in your online account or with our call centre when booking.

What’s the Landing Like?

Ballooning is a unique adventure activity and you may land with the basket upright or it may tip over and/or drag along a bit before coming to rest.
It's all normal and part of the fun. Balloons have always landed this way!
Our baskets are specially designed for safety and comfort and our expert pilots will brief you before landing.

What if I’m Nervous with Heights?

Lots of passengers have a few pre-flight nerves, especially those not too fond of heights.
Once you're in the air, the 360 views are more like standing by an open window than flying.
Ballooning is serene, peaceful and magical - nothing like other adrenaline-fuelled adventures.

Can Family/Friends Watch me Launch?

Of course! You can bring as many people as you like to the launch site so make sure they have their cameras ready.
As balloons travel with the wind, for safety reasons we do not recommend family and friends trying to follow the balloon to watch the landing.
This task should be left to our experienced crew and retrieval teams.

Are There any Age/Height/Weight Restrictions?

Passengers must be age 7 or above and at least 4ft 6inches tall.
There is no maxiumum age restriction - we've celebrated 100th birthdays with our passengers!
Due to weight and space restrictions in the basket, anyone over 20 stone will be required to pay a supplement, as will those over 18 stone and under 6ft tall.

What are Back-Up Sites?

Back-up sites are used if conditions are not suitable at your original launch location.
If your flight needs to be moved to a back-up, your pilot will explain this on the flight line and provide details of the exact meeting time and location.
You will find details of your back-up sites in your booking confirmation – it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of where these are before making the journey.

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